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为什么 Vectorworks 是建筑师最具成本效益的设计软件

发表于: 7月 6, 2021

There are many decisions to consider when purchasing design software, the foremost of which is cost.

Software can be expensive, so it’s not a decision people tend to make lightly. Along with toolsets and licensing options, the cost of a software license is top-of-mind for any designer nowadays.

At Vectorworks, we believe in design freedom and offering choices and flexibility to our customers. And that applies to the ways they can buy Vectorworks products. Let’s look at Vectorworks’ pricing structure, benefits from various licensing options, and how it all stacks up against AutoCAD and Revit.


使用 Vectorworks 設計的國家退伍軍人紀念館和博物館

发表于: 6月 24, 2021

Allied Works Architecture, USA

This Memorial Day, just like any other, it’s important to pay your respects to those who have fought for this country. Perhaps, you could visit The National Veterans Memorial and Museum, which features stunning architecture. The project was no

minated and selected as our featured US design for the global MODUS News 9 magazine in fall of 2019.



发表于: 6月 24, 2021

The experience of walking into a nightclub, immersed in a neon wash of pumping music, buzzing conversation, and pulsating lights, might seem impossible to translate into the virtual world of the COVID-19 pandemic. It might, until you experience the fully virtual club Jazz Hutsby and Oli Gorman at Lockdown Visual Systems(LVS) have brought to life.