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A&Q Partnership 如何管理大型设计文件

发表于: 8月 3, 2021

The larger a project gets, the more performance risk the design file assumes. Files packed with too much information can be impossibly slow.

This blog will cover a firm-tested file management method to ensure design files perform smoothly.


可持续建筑设计的 10 个技巧

发表于: 8月 2, 2021

Sustainability is engrained into architects and designers. You account for waste, consider locally sourced materials, and even how your design will impact the world around it. The challenge, however, is empowering clients to choose more sustainable options. This is not because they’re anti-sustainability, but because they’re unaware of the long-term benefits and growing accessibility of sustainable design. When some hear “sustainability,” they think of dollar signs and aesthetic compromise.