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使用 M1 優化的新 MACOSBIG SUR 為 VECTORWORKS 帶來的 5 件事

发表于: 6月 17, 2021

The release of Apple’s macOS Big Sur with the new Apple silicon M1 chip brings a lot of buzz to the software industry and a lot of promise for the community of Vectorworks developers, testers, and users.

Here we’ll dig into five areas of focus — key aspects where we see a host of improvements for our Mac-based users.

We’ll also shed some light on what to expect when running Big Sur on your existing Mac or a new Mac and share insights from our continued testing and vetting of Big Sur, the first macOS to be rolled out with the Apple silicon M1 chip.


設計。 提交。 贏。 — 不,說真的,就這麼簡單

发表于: 6月 3, 2021

You put your all into your schoolwork, so why not get rewarded for it?

We’re not just talking about an A on a project, either. The prize for the annual Vectorworks Design Scholarship is up to $10,000 USD, professional recognition, and an addition to your resume that proves your designs are a step above the rest.